I found this very interesting article at the facebook timeline of a friend of mine. It’s very well written by Chloe Park.

1. Adore her, respect her, love her.

2. Listen to her with the intent to understand when she’s talking to you.

3. Women are wired differently than men. Get to know the subtle differences and your relationships with women will catapult to a whole other dimension.

4. Make love, don’t hump.

5. Learn how to sexually please your woman, she’ll appreciate both your devotion as well as your skill.

6. When she’s sharing with you her struggles and challenges, listen to her. She doesn’t want to hear solutions of how to immediately “fix” whatever it is at that very moment.

7. Balance the energy of what’s being channeled between you.

8. Emotional intelligence is so attractive. Learn about your self and your heart.

9. Confidence with humility is “key.”

10. Do your personal practice, stay devoted to your Sadhana.

11. Be present with her.

12. Don’t take her for granted – appreciate her as someone who is different, perhaps, but complimentary to yourself.

13. The more you do the inner work on yourself, the more well rounded you will be – not just with relationships with others, but with yourself.

14. If you’re happy, your lady will be happy!

15. Be a man, not a boy. Get to know your sexual energy and channel it consciously versus haphazardly spilling it all over the place.

16. Be physically, intellectually, emotionally and vibrationally intelligent.

We don’t care who you are, what you look like, how much money you have, how “spiritual” you are, how many sutras you can dictate, we want to know what your heart looks like. What kind of man you are. What your character is. How you treat, respect and show up for your woman.

Just be real, homie. Be yourself. Be honest, communicate clearly, don’t lie, build trust and foundation.

– by Chloe Park (ElephantJournal)


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